Tren Ace cycle

  1. Tren Ace cycle

    My first post on here just recently joined and wanted to get some helpful info or advice for my cycle.

    On monday i just started my tren ace cycle 75mg eod doin 3rd inject tomorrow. i know everyone is going to say run some test with it but i have been told by others that it isn't needed but its a good idea to. i dont want to be injecting that much.
    its a 6 week cycle
    wk 1-6 is tren 75mg eod
    wk 3-6 winny oral 50mg ed

    im wondering what i can get easily and not to pricey for a pct or if i even need one for this cycle. or something to start taking now or mid cycle for my sex drive to be normal once im off or even during it just incase it shuts down during (be nice to have somethin on hand just in case). as of now i dont feel any side effects and still feel sexually normal. my cycle is ending right around spring break and u all know what that means haha.

    i bought post cycle support from a gnc by anabolic innovations and the guy said this would be fine once im off. but i would like to hear some other opinions or professional advice or people who have had experience with this cycle or so on. anything is really appreciated.
    this is my 3rd cycle im 22 200lb 6 ft. i have a good diet and in good shape looking to get harder n cut for the beach. my last cycle was over a year ago when i was 21 . hopee to get sum responses soon

  2. first of all, I hope you're not seriously considering something like POST CYCLE SUPPORT as your only PCT drug. You need a SERM! If you dont know what that is, or are counting on OTC products to recover your HPTA, you are not ready to run a TREN cycle. clomid is dirt cheap, you can find actual pharma grade serms online if you look hard enough.

    whoever told you running tren without test is ok doesn't know what theyre talking about. MOST people benefit from having the test base, although there ARE EXCEPTIONS.

    6 weeks sounds a little light. I would recommend a 8-10 week Tren A/ Test Pro cycle. You can pin the Tren and Prop at the same time in the same pin.. So you dont have to pin more frequently.

    I ran tren for 8 weeks and did better when dosing ED. just food for thought. I skipped a couple of doses sometime in week 4 and felt like **** when i was doing EOD.

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  3. thanks 4 the quick response. no thats not my only one thats why im on here looking for some advice. i have clomid in reach and def can get it if thats what is the best move. so i would start the clomid 3 days after my last pin then along with the post cycle support? i can get prop also i have jus heard from some people that it is ok to do the tren alone but also heard the opposite like your saying. im prone to gyno. if i wanted to do prop once a week what would be the correct mg with the 75mg eod of tren? i was also thinking of going thru spring break while on the cycle n making it a 8 weeker. i have everything in reach jus need to pick the right path to go asap cuz 3rd pin is tomorrow
    thanks again

  4. yea i can see what u mean by doing it ED. i wake up so early and have trouble falling back asleep. my mood seems fine and my cheeks are little red but then again it might be the weather and other factors along with really just worried bout being able to perform with the females on break/in the future/ currently.

  5. +1 on what SouthernCharm said.
    Clomi is fine the day after.
    Considering you said gyno prone, do you have Prami/caber on hand? If not, I suggest doing a search on "prolactin gyno".
    Personally I like Prami and Exemestane on a tren and test cycle.

  6. alright im gettin my test prop tomorrow. and will just be mixing it together in the same syringe to make less pins. thanks for your help bro. but about PCT now . should i get the clomid also and start that 3 days after my last pin or what? or what exactly should i do for the pct n dosing? thanks alot really appreciate it

  7. so to get this straight. i wont need anythin durin the cycle while doin tren ace n test prop eod and winny weeks 3-6. then clomid day after last pin? nothin will be shut down really n i should be all good while on the cycle? (of course everyone is different and reacts differently but anyone or you from experience or knowledge to answer that)

    *what should the dosage of the prop be while mixing it with 75mg of tren? *

  8. No you will need exemestane aka aromasin for the test at roughly 10mg ED and something like prami not too sure on dosing for this for prolactin control from the tren. This all to prevent gyno my dont have to run this stuff if you want some nice tits that lactate lol.

    Alot of people dont realize it is fairly pricey to run a proper cycle to keep it safe. But its cheap to run a wreckless cycle that will leave you permanently messed up! In the end its up to you but i would hope you would go ahead and get everything you need to this right man.

    As far as pct it depends on what test your going with. If its Test-e you wait 2wks after your last inject to start your clomid/nolva. Prop iks like 3-4 days after last inject to start pct.

  9. i got the money i would jus rather save it for spring break but better be safe than sorry i understand what ur sayin. thanks for the help. its prop so i will start pct 3-4 days after last pin. when u say clomid/nolva are u sayin them both or just one ? is one better than the other for this cycle?

  10. You can run either clomid, nolva, or both. Not to important as long as you are running atleast one of them. On cycle you can run exemestane, letrozole, or anastrozole. Letro from what I've seen is the cheapest most effective choice. Using that as the example a typical letro dose for a cycle is either .25mg ED or .5mg EOD. For progesterone related gyno look into p5p or cabergoline.

    Edit: Exemestane, letrozole, and anastrozole are for estrogen related gyno.

  11. You can use either one or both. Alot of people tend to use both after a long hard cycle. It really comes down to preference...nolva is suppose to be better at restarting hpta than clomid. But alot of people prefer clomid since it has less side effects. If i were running a 10wk test cycle with tren and winny i would want to use both. Nolva at 20/20/10/10 and clomid at 50/50/25/25. If you got to order one or the other anyways and spend the shipping charges you might as well get both for the extra roughly $15.

  12. im doin a 8week cycle tops depending how i feel after the 6 weeks of my normally planned cycle. im doin 75mg tren ace every 2 days example: mon-wed-fri-sun-tues-thurs-sat-mon-wed-fri...etc. what mg of prop should i be injectin along with that tren every 2 days in the same syringe. im not going for that huge jacked look just trying to get really cut n hard while keepin my sex drive normal or better..if anyone understands what i am saying haha. and as for PCT i think i am just going to get the nolva i guess. whatever i can get my hands on first nolva or clom. thanks for everybodys help and input its very appreciated and i will keep posted on results and sides later into cycle.

  13. run the same amount of test, if not a bit higher. that's gonna be 1.5ml of oil EOD. timing looks good. Keep come caber bro. caber sky rocketed my libido on tren. also til your caber comes in invest in some DOPA MUCUNA (precursor to l dopa, dopamine)

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  15. You can do a 6 weeker, AKA SHIC (Super High Intensity Cutter)cycle, you just dose a bit higher. If I were doing a SHIC(6 weeker) i would do:

    Test Prop..100 mg eod
    Tren Ace..100 mg eod
    Masteron..100 mg eod

    Great cut/recomp cycle

    P.S. If your deadset on Winny, scratch the masteron, add NPP 100 mg eod, as Winny is rough on joints and NPP will help you in that dept.

    Good Luck!

  16. so if i get liquiaromas i will be good n liquidex thsoe are both good enough? or should i get letrozol instead of the ordering today...thanks for all the help!

  17. and im gettin caber in 2 weeks prolly...ordering it next week sometime when i see my buddy


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