m-4ohn, r-ala dosage??

  1. m-4ohn, r-ala dosage??

    ive just started my cycle with m-4ohn and 1-test td..going with 320 mg 1-test and currently at 12mg with the m-4ohn..im currently taking r-ala at 400mg, is that enough?..how much should i take?..any ideas on the m-4ohn dosage too?..im thinking bout going up to 16mg and dont know if i should go higher..im 27, 6'2, 200lbs, 13%bf...would like to drop some bf while adding a little lean muscle..

  2. cyberseano--cool..so is there any need to space out r-ala doses and the m-4ohn?..didnt know if theyd fight for absorption or not..

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