Halodrols anabolic power vs ... Cardio

  1. Halodrols anabolic power vs ... Cardio

    Question is halodrol anabolic enough to keep me anabolic during morning cardio sessions empty stomach? I know sd was..

  2. I can't speak from a scientific standpoint on this but I found myself to have similar strength gains from hdrol+morning cardio as I had when I took hdrol with no cardio.
    I only gained like 5-10 pounds when I was doing cardio on it though...looked a lot more cut. Whereas when I took hdrol and wasn't doing any cardio, which was my first PH ever, I packed on 15 pounds and lost 5 in PCT. Hope that gives you an idea.
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  3. Yes cuz when I was on sd I had no need fir bcaa I never felt muscke loss

  4. I'm thinkin of a bulk recomp mix

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