H drol first cycle

  1. H drol first cycle

    Ok guys i have been realy looking in to it and im going to do a h drol for sure cycle and with help from other people on this form been realy great info guyd ... Heres my cycle il be starting this cycle just after july ok so here is my cycle

    Preload week before cycle with cycle assist

    Week1 cycle assist / h drol 50mg
    Week2 cycle assist / h drol 50mg
    Week3 cycle assist / h drol 75mg
    Week4 cycle assist / h drol 75mg
    Week5 cycle assist / h drol 75mg

    Week6 cycle assist / nolva 20mg
    Week7 cycle assist / nolva 20mg
    Week8 cycle assist / nolva 10mg
    Week9 cycle assist / nolva 10mg / otc pct

    So i know protine intake should be high also training from 3 days aweek to 4 days aweek ...... Im 180bls , 5.7 , age 21. When i do start my cyvle id be working out for 11 months so please help out if im wrong this is a deffo cycle

  2. whats up you running this cycle or what?

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