I am curently in my off cycle but will be getting ready for my Cutting cycle in a little over a month so I want to get some good input/feedback on what I am planning.

Tren Ace: Weeks 1-8 @ 500mgs/week
Test Prop: Weeks 1-10 @ 600mgs/week

Conisdering Proviron if anyone has any input on it with the cycle,
and I am not sure if I want to go with an inhibitor like Letro or Aromasin, any input on that, also not sure if I should add caber for any tren related sides.

I am looking to add a lean cut look but get much stronger too. I would like to get to 220 lbs and be about 8-10% bodyfat by the end of my next cycle.

My stats: 5'8", 205lbs and roughly 17% bodyfat
Prior to my last cycle I was benching 235 4-6 reps, and
I just hit my original goal of 300lbs 6 reps, but I want more!! lol