Turinabol-LV Stack or Don't?

  1. Turinabol-LV Stack or Don't?

    I am planning to take PP's Turinabol-LV and I am wondering if i should stack with another compound or just take as a stand alone? I'm looking for a lot of lean and dry muscle and strength If I should stack what should I get? I was thinking tren 250 or halotest (haven't done much research on halotest though)?


  2. What do you call a lot of lean muscle? Turinabol-lv is decent by itself run as 6 weeks of 90mg/day (which is 1 bottle)

  3. If you would like lean mass...stack it. What options do you have as far as stackable compounds?

  4. I'm looking to gain up to 10 to 15 pounds and I also want to gain a moderate amount of strength in the process but I was looking to possibly stack it with tren but I think it would be hard to get is there any compounds that would be good for stacking that are still legal?

  5. It probably would work decently with max-lmg, and CEL still sells a clone of it.

  6. Im on turinabol and androhard now. on my last week of tbol @ 90mg (1bottle)which im doing 4 weeks and androhard (1bottle) at 6 weeks. I was scared of hairloss so i dosed my androhard at 250ml instead of the full 500ml. Ive gained 9lbs so far and that was on only a 200-500 cal surplus. might want to look into that.

  7. This summer I'll be stacking it with Test and Eq. Here's my up coming summer cycle.

    Week 1-2: 100mg Test P EOD, 60mg Turinabol LV, 400mg Equipoise a week, 40iu IGF-1
    Week 3-4: 100mg Test P EOD, 90mg Turinabol LV, 400mg Equipoise a week, 40iu IGF-1
    Week 5-6: 100mg Test P EOD, 120mg Turinabol LV, 400mg Equipoise a week, 40iu IGF-1
    Week 6-9: 100mg Test P EOD, 400mg Equipoise a week, 40iu IGF-1
    Week 10-12: 100mg Test P EOD, 400mg Equipoise a week, hCG 250iu every 5 days, 40iu IGF-1
    Week 13: 50mg Clomid, 40mg Nolva, 25mg Ostarine
    Week 14: 50mg Clomid, 40mg Nolva, 15mg Ostarine
    Week 15-18: 50mg Clomid, 20mg Nolva, 15mg Ostarine


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