cyp/enan blend...

  1. cyp/enan blend...

    so Ive been on 5 weeks of sust. Now that I actively have test in my system, it should be fine to make a switch to a different esther correct? If I make the switch to an enanth/cypionate blend would it hinder gains at all by taking longer for the test to be released? Like I said, Ive been on sust(its all I could get at the time) and tren for 5 weeks. Want to make the switch now for the last 5 weeks. Also the sust was 500/week, this blend would be 600/week.

    The only thing Im worried about making this switch is that I am already experiencing quite a bit of water bloat primarily in the stomach area, nothing in face, just on the sust. Moving to the cyp/enan blend is probably going to make the water bloat even worse right? I want to keep bloat to a minimum so it Looks like it might be time for a little arimidex.

  2. Make the switch, allow for 1 week of overlap, and start 1 mg ari until bloat is under control.

    Good luck...


  3. Isn't 1mg of ari a little much? I've heard .25 - .50 is sufficient and 1mg is saved for crazy asses that take way too much of everything.

  4. As he said in his post, he is already experiencing quite a bit of bloat. Does he want to dick around and wait for .25-.5 mg to kick in? If it were me, and of course it is not, I would dose 1 mg ED until the bloat was under control then drop it down to .25 or even discontinue. The intent here is to stop the aromatization dead in its tracks.


  5. Cool deal, just curious. I'm still learning the art of ari and wanted to be sure.

  6. cool...thanks for the advice. I guess I should restate though. I dont think its really a whole lot of bloat...just a lot for me. I dont think Im experiencing anything more then normal, I just dont really like the bloat much, thats all.

    But thanks for the advice. I think I am going to try out the arimidex.

  7. Thanks for the update...just be sure to dose the AI in the magnitude of your symptoms. For example, if it were heavy bloating then you'd want to crush all aromitization which would mean a slightly higher dose then dropping down when it is under control. However, if the bloat is on the moderate side then dose the "normal" amount and drive on.

    Also, if you can substitute letrozole with ari at your convenience.



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