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  1. Cyber Solutions Letro

    I just got my Letro today from Cyber Solutions... There's quite a bit of crystalline substance in the bottom, in large chunks. Tried shaking it, and didn't get much to dissolve. Should I heat it, and maybe stick something in the bottle to break up the chunks?


  2. Id try putting it a hot water bath, then shake it up a little. Works like a charm usually.

  3. I'll give it a shot... How hot a bath, and for how long?

    I've also emailed their customer service, and I'll post the results in this thread, so other members can benefit from my experience and learn how CySol's customer service is.

    I wish one of the board sponsors sold Letro... I've had such good experiences ordering from Sledge, Huge, and Custom.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by jrkarp
    I wish one of the board sponsors sold Letro... I've had such good experiences ordering from Sledge, Huge, and Custom.


    Me too. Lion sells it, but the $10 shipping is ridiculous.

  5. Update... On the advice of my girlfriend, who was a biochemistry major for 3 years, I put it in a glass (so it would stay vertical) of water and put it in the microwave on high for 1 minute, took it out, shook it, and put it back in for another minute. The water boiled, and the bottle damn near burst. However, the crystals are nearly dissolved now after some shaking. I'm not going to nuke it again, but I'll try a steady hot water bath to dissolve the rest later.

    Obviously, I'll bring it back to room temp slowly to try to avoid precipitation.


  6. ****, well, sorry for not getting back to the post fast enough. But your method was close enough to what I was about to mention. Microwave a cup of water for a few mins to see it at least bubble a little, take it out of the microwave and let your bottle sit in the hot water for like 20mins, shake it and repeat until the crystals are gone. If you put the glass bottle with the letro in it, the temp changes are way too unpredictable and might boil away some of your letro in their solvent.

  7. Ahhh, the bubble point. I finally remembered something from thermodynamics.

  8. Actually, if the crystals are small enough, just leave them. I put mine in the frig. on purpose so it will crash. I add 10% ethanol, 190pr. so that if i had 30ml Letro, now I have 33ml (w/ no sig. loss of potency) and it recrystallizes small. Then pull it out of the cold, suspend untill homogenous and dose. Crystals are your friend because they are most stable. If its in solution, its degrading from all sides of the liquid. Of coarse you can't dose with big crystals, but if there is a fine sediment on the bottom that clouds up the sol. when you shake it, its perfect for long term stability.

  9. The crystals are way too big for that, but I'll keep that in mind for future research products. Thanks.



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