Question about Stacking

  1. Question about Stacking

    I'm wondering are there general rules for coming up with a stack other than use what's worked for others before? From what I know the only rules are:

    1) Make sure each substance can contribute to your overall goal for the cycle.

    2) Make sure each substance won't interact in a bad way with one another (ie., don't stack an aromatizing substance with M Dien because of the risk of progesterone side effects; don't stack methyls, although I think that's more flexible than people say).

    I'm just wondering if there's a set of general rules other than these two that can help direct you to develop a decent stack with a good chance of working.

  2. In general the only real rules per se would be don't use two very androgenic compounds if because the sides are real bad! and don't stay methyls more than six weeks.
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