Korea, anyone know anything?

  1. Question Korea, anyone know anything?

    I'll be in korea for about 6 months, 4 months minimum which is enough time to run my first cycle. so far I've hopped between countries too much to do anything and have worked up to 230lbs about 15% bodyfat "havent updated stats, I know". I'm going to diet down till I get there so that I can eat with a bigger calorie surplus upon arrival.

    does anyone know any sources in korea? I'm fluent in korean so maybe i can either bribe a pharmacist or tell the doctor I have anemia "빈혈증".
    I wonder if I could order online and send it to my place before I get there?

    if anyone knows anything about anabolics in korea please help me.

    I heard I can buy steroids OTC at a vet pharmacy "동물약국" but that the stuff is dosed at 50mg/ml. do you think this is an option? or is this just an abscess waiting to happen bc of the large amount of oil?

    thanks guys for any help you can spare

  2. Depends on what you're looking for... AAS? what are you in Korea for? sorry that I can't be of much help, but you could try shipping it to yourself. I know in Japan, AAS aren't really illegal, but pins are very illegal... go figure, AAS are legal, but no way to use them.

    Why not just go with an oral? that should be easy enough to bring along.

  3. 38th parallel, that's about all I know...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Presa View Post
    38th parallel, that's about all I know...

    I have no idea man. Just go double check the steroids they sell are really 50mg/ml. There are other OTC hormones anyways as a last resort should it not work out for you (which are arguably way better than test )

  5. well I have done one prohormone cycle 1ad& 4ad from AMS. I study korean there, and this will be my last semester. I really want to do an eq and test cycle as my first "even tho everyone says start w/ test I have been researching for about a year and am fairly confident about my decision.
    I guess no one here has done an aas cylce in korea? how would i do say 300mg of eq and 400 of test if each was only dosed at 50mg/ml? wouldn't that be too much oil and risk an abcess?

  6. well I'm gonna go to Korea soon and I think I'm just gonna ask a doctor to give me a test cycle and **** the EQ. I think if I go to enough doctors one will probably hook me up.
    I found a dealer but he's in the korean mafia and buying from him might land me in jail, so test will work I guess. too bad... I was excited...


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