Grapefruit Juice and M-Dien

  1. Grapefruit Juice and M-Dien

    I was browsing 1fast400 and noticed that the xtreme formulations m-dien said "DO NOT CONSUME WITH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE"

    I've been taking DS's m-dien with grapefruit juice daily.. what's the deal?? I thought we were supposed to be taking methyl's with grapefruit juice ??

  2. I asume it's because it would cause more of the methyl to be absorbed.

  3. Thats some good info but it doesnt really say anything about methyl's specifically. Its more of what we already knew plus some examples of other drugs.

    Is it wise to take 100% grapfruit juice w/ m4ohn/mdien? Also it seems that just drinking it WITH the orals might not has the optimal effect. It doesnt really give the juice time to work before the orals are already being absorbed. You would probably get more absorbption by drinking the juice 20-30 min. before taking the orals. I did this with 5mg dbol doses spread out over the day at only 20mg/day.
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  4. hopefully sledge will see this thread and respond =)

  5. what do u need a response to? grapefruit juice increases the blood levels of some drugs.

  6. well i'm just trying to figure out what the deal with Xtreme Forumulations saying NOT to drink grapefruit juice with m-dien.. is this just with m-dien i shouldn't be drinking grapefruit juice? because I was under the assumption that taking grapefruit juice with all methylated compounds was good..

  7. The simple answer is probably that if you have a bottle of Xtreme Formulations m-dien in your hands, Xtreme Formulations would like you to use that one more quickly than not. If you can stretch it out with GFJ, you might buy less Xtreme Formulations products. -- That's my guess.

  8. or that by using GFJ with the same dose they feel it may be to toxic over the long term. The whole point of using GFJ was so that you could use a smaller dose of methyls in hopes of getting the same results thus causing less stress on the liver.

    We are of course the lab rats on this one, so it is just trial an error, if you get the same results of 5mgs MD with GFJ as compared to 10mgs without then you are using 50% less of a methylated compound. (these figures are just for example only, I havent never treid this and dont know of anyone who did , this is just and EXAMPLE.)

  9. thanks.. i for some reason was under the assumption that i should still be taking the same amount it would just be more effective(but by sayign that I guess it would mean i could take less)

  10. Does anybody know what it is about grapefruit juice that is responsible for increasing the absorption of the methylated hormones? I can't recall for certain, but I think that some of the eca stacks that were available contained naringin in them, and claimed that this was for increasing the half-life of the caffeine in the products. I'll likely be using m4ohn in a cutting/lean mass cycle, and don't need the extra sugar calories that are present in grapefruit juice in that situation.


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