Prohormone Suspension

  1. 3 Alpha Suspension

    This might be a stupid question, but after reading about how 3 Alpha is superior to 5AA, could you make a suspension with Mike's 3 Alpha powder in water or oil, or even a low concentration solution? I'm really new to making my own gear, so go easy on me. How bad would the injection hurt to do a suspension of 100mg/ml in water? That **** would probably leave you hyped to take on a whole army though, no?
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  2. making suspensions in WATER is difficult, and water suspension are much more prone to bacteria, etc.

    iow, if you are not a true lab, i wouldn't think it was worth it, and would be risky and difficult

    as for suspensions in oil - i haven't used them for 3-a, but i have used them for other base compounds (4-ad). they work fine

    BA, BB, Oil as carrier, and about 10% peg - that's the ticket.

    it will seperate into layers. shake it up before use.

    not unpleasant at all with 4-ad. as for 3-a? who knows?

  3. Nice first post
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  4. You are new, eh? Go read the stickies. And the board rules - source requests are not legal on here.


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