Adjusting Diet For Cycle

  1. Adjusting Diet For Cycle (Furuza & 11-sterone)

    I'm currently trying to find out how much I should change my current diet upon beginning a cutting cycle I have planned in a few weeks.

    The cycle will consist of Furuza and 11-Sterone over 6 weeks.
    Either A: Furzuza 150/150/150/150/150/150
    11 Sterone 225/225/225/225/225/225/225
    Or B: Fuza 300/300/300
    11 Sterone 0/0/375/375/375/375

    This is meant to be a fairly mild cycle.

    Currently I am eating about 2100 calories a day, P/C/F at 240/95/60ish, with a scheduled weekly carb re-feed. This has been yielding about a half pound loss each week with fairly steady strength and some gains in some lifts.

    For the cycle, should I cut calories a little lower, assuming the cycle to maintain muscle mass, up calories a bit to help fuel muscle growth, keep it steady?

    Thank you for any input you feel may be valuable, or suggestions of a better place to seek this information.

    Current Stats:
    Age 25

  2. Hey man, I'll take a stab at this, just to give you somethin to read, lolz. I'm no expert though, for real.

    Im afraid I can't lend much advice to the cycle itself, but Id say, as far as diet if I had to take a stab, Id say keep on the same regimen.

    The reasons would be because you said you are trying to cut, and because I believe these are 2 pretty mild compounds.

    This past summer I did a short H/M-drol cycle and in hindsight I wish I would've eating more on it to gain more. The results I got were definite recomp/cutting related. I kept my eating the same (real clean) and I lost fat, increased vascularity, big time! But that's H and M drol!

    With the 2 compounds ur listing I'm assuming they may not be strong enough to help you keep losing if you did a big boost in cals?

    Now - could I be wrong, absolutely, but I'm just thinking out loud, maybe it'll help you somehow in ur research.

    Keep us posted.

  3. Hey thanks for the response.

    After doing some reading on tuned I'm thinking 3 of each, each day will be sufficient, since this is my first cycle, I want to keep it kind of low.

    Will basically start 11-sterone for a week and a half, then add in the furuza until the end of the cycle.

    Trying to basically maintain muscle mass, see minor strength gains while shedding some bf.

    Diet-wise I think I'll start where I am and adjust from there if need be.

    I'm still wondering about cardio though. Raise it, lower it, or keep the same? About 3-4 x a week of 45 min LISS.


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