HCG came with B12 liquid ??

  1. HCG came with B12 liquid ??

    The source sent B12 with HCG instead of BA water, sounds like I can mix them right ??? anyone tried ?

  2. 3 vials of HCG each 2000iu and 3 vials of B12

  3. jus buy some bac water. its like $2 and almost any supp site has it

  4. I don't think that will work. B12 is intramuscular while HCG is subcutaneous

  5. Both can be pinned subq or IM.. Doesnt matter..
    Get some BAC.

  6. mix with bac water.. shoot IM ... or subq whatever u want.. but IM works better

  7. I don't see why it wouldn't work unless the solution is already saturated and wouldn't be able to dissolve the HCG.
    Bacteriostatic Water is just water and benzyl alcohol 99/1, sterile filtered. My B12 complex shots are aqueous solution with roughly 37.005mg of material per ml with 1.5% BA. I would think there would be room for another mg of HCG to be dissolved in there.
    Ive been thinking about doing this for IGF-1 injections since I generally pin the b complex a few times a week anyway.


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