1. Bloodwork

    Any suggestions on where to get good quality bloodwork? I've found a bunch of companies online, but wanted to get some real life feedback. Thanks.

  2. I just asked my doctor for a complete blood test. I brought a list of all the things I wanted tested printed from the Internet. It included a few items not included in standard blood panels and he agreed that all but one was OK by him. (One was for an enzyme or something that he says varies from one test to the other and does not provide any meaningful data.) It makes sense if you tie it in with an annual checkup.

  3. More people should look into this, you could get so much more out of your supplements if you got blood work done a couple times a year.

  4. I totally agree with the blood work.. I found out that I was low on potassium because of my blood work..

  5. Do you guys reco a full work up or is there a certain panel etc you would recommend?

  6. Lipids panel should be all you need

  7. Lipid profile, a chem20 and a CBC is what you want.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kraftkid
    Any suggestions on where to get good quality bloodwork? I've found a bunch of companies online, but wanted to get some real life feedback. Thanks.
    The Life Extention Foundation (LEF):

  9. Great website man Cardinal. Thanks.

  10. Here is the place that I have been using: Health Tests Direct, (Go there directly, or if you want to help me out, use this link which would give me a $3 [HF! $3] credit towards my own tests:****134410). I checked all of the other places I could find which offer this kind of thing, but this was far and away the best deal, $42 tested GGT, ALT, AST, Albumin, alkaline phosphatase, Bilirubin (total), calcium, carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, glucose, potassium, protein (total), sodium, urea nitrogen (BUN).

    The cost for the blood draw is $15. You give them your zip code, and they tell you a clinic to go to. You just need to print out a few pages that they email you. The tests I had done were the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, which includes AST & ALT. This cost $20. Then I added the GGT test - this is the most important/accurate indicator of liver damage (AST & ALT fluctuate, going up for instance after a hard workout). This cost $7. So the total was $42. I received the results, by email, in two days.

    From what I had been told before, bloodwork looked like it was going to cost $150-200 per time. $42 is not a lot, and after this cycle, I think I will just check GGT periodically, which would just be $22.

    When they email you the results (fast, under two days), they will give you the normal ranges. It is smart to get your levels checked. I did before I started this MD/M4OHN cycle, and will again soon.



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