1-Test Cyp Better Than M1T

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Nate Dawg
    I cant find the 1test cyp or sledgetest at designersupps.com, the only one i could find was 4ad cyp, so i went ahead and ordered a bottle. Is he going to be carrying the 1test cyp or sledgetest soon or is it already sold out? Is the sledgetest just 4ad cyp, or is it like the pro sust which is a blend of different esters such as the prop and cyp?
    No way

    sold out already....

  2. Anyone having trouble getting on designersupps.com

    Today and yesterday have been a no go

  3. You can never post something like this, because if in fact u are including sides ect, ur sticking the whole world inside a box.

    For me, M1T is 50 times better. I get 10x better gains, with no sides. I guess im just lucky? But there are plenty more like me

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NO MERCY
    Anyone having trouble getting on designersupps.com

    Today and yesterday have been a no go
    Yeah there is a thread on it in the Designersupp forum, bad hosting.

  5. Thnx Cr4ytonic

  6. 2 things wrong with the original post, it doesnt HAVE to be stacked, I didnt and Im fine a few weeks into PCT. Many other ppl have faired off as well.

    Next, Ur sticking everyone in a box, I personally did great off m1t alone, 15 lbs 2 weeks, bench up 30, only side was lowered appetite. Hvnt lost anything during pct, only getting stronger. Besides that everything else is good to go.


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