gyno& methyl-d

  1. gyno& methyl-d

    Has anyone had any gyn on methy-d? would methy-d more likly to give you gyno than methyl-t? I've just started methyl-d and it seems to make my nibbles hard. Is this a sign of gyno?

  2. I've never had it, but I think if they are itchy and puffy, you should be worried.
    I think I remember other people talking about gyno and methyl-d in other threads.
    So maybe you can run a search.

  3. I've been running methyldienolone for about a week now and I have noticed the same thing... I have slight gyno left over from puberty and this stuff, while not giving me itchy or sensitive nipples, seems to increase the size of the breast tissue a bit... I have been using nolva for this and it seems to work ok, although I am really looking forward to the time when I can get this stuff surgically removed

  4. It will come down your natural levels of estrogen and if you are using anything that would cause a rise in E. Progesterone can only have activity when E is present, so if you use nolvadex or anything that would lower E would not let MD have any effect on Progesterone.

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