Cutting Cycle Q's for Newbie...

  1. Cutting Cycle Q's for Newbie...

    I'm a PH virgin and am considering a first cycle to reduce BF.

    2 questions -- I am considering a 1-T/4ad transdermal while cutting. Opinions? Dosage?

    My BF was recently tested at 22% with digital calipers, altho some people consider that unlikely, as I am 6'0 171. Do people think I should reduce BF levels w/o PH's before starting a cutting cycle?

    Thanks for any info....


  2. Quote Originally Posted by spitboy2000
    Do people think I should reduce BF levels w/o PH's before starting a cutting cycle?
    IMO, yes, get your diet right first, that will take care of a lot of the BF %, no need to mess with hormones if simple diet alterations can do the trick.... and it will last longer that way too


  3. I'll second that. I know it's tempting to go on a cycle, but I would spend your time on here researching nutrition and get that bf down to where you want. Then you can spend your first cycle gaining quality mass.

  4. What exactly do you mean by digital calipers? If you're talking about one of
    those scales where they are supposed to measure your bodyfat, they are not
    at all accurate.

  5. It was a regular caliper that had a digital read out...



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