1. 4-ad

    Does liquid 4-AD work as well as the transdermal 4-AD.

  2. Anyone??

  3. What do you mean by 4ad liquid?

  4. haha that might be the worlds quickest self bump

    if by liquid you mean oral, then yes and no. They both can work well but you will need more of the oral liquid than you would need for a transdermal 4-ad. This is because of the poor oral absoprtion rate of 4-ad. Chances are if you are referring to it as a liquid you are thinking of buying some overpriced supplment. Buy the powder and save some cash. You will need around a gram a day. For further questions please use search or go to bodybuilding.com forums

  5. What specific product are you referring to?

  6. The oil works great! Better than trans-d. Oral? Dunno.


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