Going shopping :)

  1. Going shopping :)

    I was planning on buying some stuff today with the sales, and ill probably run it in a month or 2.

    So, how does this look?

    dieselbolan weeks 1-4 (is this really like superdrol but without being as toxic?)
    epi strong weeks 4-7
    hcgenerate weeks 6-9
    forma stanzol weeks 6-9
    unleashed/post cycle weeks 9-11 (left over from a previous cycle)
    nolva weeks 7-11

    EDIT: I have anabolic innovations cycle support, for weeks 1-7

  2. Dieselbolan I would say is not like Superdrol from what I've read however it is one hell of a mass builder. I also love Epistane for packing on LBM for how mild it is.

    Bump up starting HCGenerate and Forma-stanzol to week 7 where you stop taking the orals.

    You will be very pleased by this cycle and your PCT looks fantastic.

  3. should i move the post cylce / unleashed back farther? if i move the hcgenerate back?

  4. oh yah, i also have anabolic innovations cycle support, for during cycle

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mdew091 View Post
    oh yah, i also have anabolic innovations cycle support, for during cycle
    AI's 50 percent off is a good deal I ordered up $100 worth of stuff. Mr. supps does have a nice deal too but Im still waiting for them to have BOGO since im a greedy bastard



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