Shortest useful Tren cycle?

  1. Shortest useful Tren cycle?

    What do you guys think is the shortest cycle of Tren that will still give good gains?


  2. I noticed some damn good results within 3 weeks on straight tren. I was up about 10 lbs, no signs of being shutdown. So I would imagine it would be pretty easy to keep those gains. I actually had some problems from weeks 3-5 gaining anything...but I threw some sust in, and Im now up another 5 for a total of 15 pounds in 4-5 weeks. (Some is probably water from the sust though)

    So I guess it depends on how much youre trying to gain. But like I said, I was up around 10 lbs and very noticeable results within 3 weeks.

  3. I tried it for 4 weeks before. too short really. 6 is much better

  4. I guess it depends on your body and level of developement. I'm kind of a semi-developed old man newbie, if that makes any sense, LOL. Never tried tren, and worried about my blood pressure.

    I am halfway thru a 12 week cycle, and I've got some fina and was wondering if I should add it or not.

    I was on 4ad for the first half and just switched to T prop, 600mg/week.

    I wasted the first month testing Methyl Dien and got poor results. (Just did 4ad cyp and MD for the first month.) then I dropped the MD and added 1-test cyp 500-600mg/wk, did 40mg M1.4ad for 2 weeks, dropped that, and now I'm on just T prop and 1-test cyp.

    Was thinking of dropping the 1-test cyp and switching to tren, but maybe I should just keep on and save the fina for my next cycle?

    I have done lots of prohormones before but this is my first taste of real aas...

    I'm up 17 pounds since May 1st (even though I did a 10 day cut from May 1-10), from 170 to 187, waist has only gone up about 3/4", and I'm much stronger. I might be able to reach 200 pounds by end of July at this rate!

    In July I'm going to add MHON from DS....

    Ain't life great?

    MTNMEDIC's Avatar

    I'm an old man newbie 38, and I'd like to hear some input on this too.. Best of luck Greenguy !



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