1. Oxovar


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    Anyone here ever use this stuff. I just read about it in MD magazine. It sounds legit and is only sold by Gaspari and Kilosports. I was considering taking it, but I won't unless someone else established gives me some sort of green light. Thanks


  3. Pretty sure it's M4OHN, which you can get from a few people. It's a good drug if it's legit, which I belive it is, but it might not be the best deal. Check out designer supps for a price check first.

  4. Yeah, dude, its called M4OHN, and a bunch of people sell it.

    ONly one has been tested by a third-party lab for purity, and that's Designer Supps-->that's where you should buy it.

  5. have a bottle of it from HM Gear. Not sure if it is real or not. Custom has had THREE batches of what was supposed to be M4OHN, shipped to him turn out to be something less desirable. I doubt Kilo, Gaspari or HM Gear test their stuff.

    Get it from DS right NOW b/c it is one sale and limited supply!!!!!!
    DS has the stuff tested and is the only one to do so.

    3 bottles for $105!

  6. I have not used it yet. I have just read good things about it. So far, the limited, user feedback has been quite positive. I used LG's hyroxytest (1t,4ad,4oht)and had good results. Just betting that the m4ohn will be just as good. Do not really want to do much m1t test, rather use this oral.

  7. We have Desingers M4OHN,(on Friday) HM Gear's and Legal Gear's versions all avaialbe Links below. I have been using it fro 2 weeks and love it - no sides, great hardness.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by Souphtc
    I cant seem to find anything on this stuff. I keep reading MD and they have an article and ad on it, but you know how that goes. Nothing on the net about it.
    click the search button at the top and type in "M4OHN"


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