New guy needing some help!

  1. New guy needing some help!

    Ok so I'm new to the whole anabolic compound world. And I need some advice on which to use. I have been given a bottle of M-DROL, a bottle of P-PLEX, and enough Dianabol for 20 mg. pd for 40 days. My question is which would be the most beneficial for my with the highest gains, while being as safe as an anabolic cycle can be lol.
    I am 35 years old with a combined 8 years of training. My training cycle is a power/bodybuilding [email protected] 2 on, 1 off, 2 on. Daily calorie intake is 3600+ 40/30/30 split for macros. I have been using milk thistle and saw palmeto daily as well as red yeast rice. ANY AND ALL INPUT IS WELCOME.

  2. what you use is going to depend on what u wanna do. cut, bulk, etc.. just forget about the dbol, 20mgs a day isnt really going to do anything, and u should run it with test to keep gains and make the most out of ur cycle. so what is your goal?

  3. I can give you my opinion but what you should do is read L Rea's books, both of them, and then just search and read on here a few nights a week for a few months. We can tell you what we would do but if something goes wrong or you are not getting what you want then you won't have any idea what to change or how to save your health from disaster.

    I can tell you right away, that in my opinion NONE of what you have highlighted above should be your first cycle. Just get something mild for your first cycle or just run test cyp for 10 weeks at 500mg. Starting with Mdrol or Phera is like learning to swim by jumping off the side of a boat in a storm.

    first thing first though, get a few nights of great sleep, eat clean and then go get some blood work done, THEN research a few months and come back and I'll happily help you as much as I can.

  4. Safe and oral anabolics don't really go together....

    In terms of maintainable lean gains, i'd give the edge to the pplex, but different people respond differently, so its a tossup. The dbol isn't enough to use as anything but a preworkout, 20mg is an almost entirely unnoticeable dose. Works fine to help avoid muscle loss if you have AIDS, but not enough to add much mass.

  5. I'm not sure I agree 100% on the 20mg dbol doing nothing but I wouldnt take dbol with a test base just my $0.02.

    As far as what you should take I think you might want to get a blood test first. This is good practice for anyone cycling to have a base and also you might find that at 35 you qualify for HRT, which would be safer than popping orals.
    Back.... for real this time



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