Some gyno

  1. Some gyno

    Hey well I deffinitly have alittle gyno onsetting, I am currently on my cycle of m14add+stanodrol. Just ordered some letro for future use. Should i throw in some nolva thruoghout my cycle or just run my cycle as it is, use nolva for pct then use letro into nolva again? or would it be smarter to use letro after m14add and then go into nolva? Also can you guys lemme know how I should dose it i have 30ml at 2.5mg/ml

  2. You are getting gyno and continuing with your cycle?

    Brave man...

  3. well its beginning to form my letro is coming very soon. Should I run letro and nolva side by side for my pct and if so how should I run it. Also should I continue the nolva after i discontinue letro

  4. How far into your cycle are you?

    Its recommended to run formestane with M1 4ADD to help with the gyno. You should run the formestane in your cycle, then taper it two weeks into PCT. Im a bit concerned about the gyno from M1 as well since Ill be running it around mid Jan or early Feb. I have formestane though to help combat it. If anything try using some Inhibit E for a few days to help bring your estrogen down. Maybe by that time youll have more shut down and it wont be as much of a problem. Im gyno prone myself and was getting growth and pain but used some Inhibit E for a few days and the flare up was stopped.

  5. im at the halfway point about 2.5 weeks in. I dont have formestane but i have plenty of nolva should I use nolva instead? what about letro for pct with nolva how can they be used together?

  6. Take nolvadex now, if you have it on hand.

    Letro is like Arimidex from what I understand. It prevents the production of it, but doesn't prevent the action. Nolvadex prevents it from binding to your actual receptors.

    20mg a day for 4 weeks is plenty.


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