Deca + Test Cycle

  1. Deca + Test Cycle

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I've decided that I'm going to be running a deca + test cycle and use nolvadex as well during the cycle with my pct being clomid.

    My stats are: 5'9, 165, 24, eating healthy for 2 solid years.

    I've had some major setbacks, injury-wise, playing basketball, which has left both my knees and ankles a lot weaker and pain sensitive. I primarily will be doing the deca cycle to help the joints and increase skeletal muscle while at the same time 'dramatically increase collagen syn and bone mass and density, leaving you with a substantially reduced chance of becoming injured than if you choose to use AAS like sus, cyp, or enth.' Now I plan on stopping deca a week earlier then when i stop test. so here is the planned cycle ..

    Week 1-10 : 500mg(2cc) every week of testosterone
    Week 1-8 : 400mg(2cc) every week of deca

    I'll be using nolva for estrogen, and clomid for natural test levels

    Any advice would be of great help!

  2. I would run the test and deca an extra 2 weeks

    Also i would use an AI instead of nolva

  3. thanks Mike, if you dont mind me asking.. why would you use AI over Nolva?

    Other than the extra 2 weeks, would you change anything else?

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