Pre-mixed 1t/4ad storage question....

  1. Pre-mixed 1t/4ad storage question....

    I was wondering how long S1+ can be stored. I know the T-gel and powders are good for quite a while if not mixed yet, but I'm not sure about something that's already mixed.
    Thanks guys.

  2. supposedly the 1-test lasts a while like a shelf life of 2 years or something i read on another board and the 4 ad is less, about half, before it drops something like 10 percent over that period of time, so its nothing crazy. some say that by freezing you may be able to prolong life even more, however dont quote me. lets see what others say. also, if you do a search there is tons of info on this i remember too. i had mine for about 8 months no freezing and it seems to be working just as good as the cycle befor it

  3. I know some guys keep their's in the refrigerator, but I've never bothered... I've got several bottles of 4derm stockpiled, and I'm just going to let them sit (until I use them). I think as long as you use them all within a year or two, it'll be fine.

  4. Excellent. Thanks guys.
    I'll probably use my s1+ first.....and when that's gone, start mixing up the t-gel/powders I have. It's only enough for about 4-5 cycles or so, but hopefully there will be breakthroughs in "post ban" supps by then.

  5. I am freezing my premixed transdermals. The powder I have in vaccum sealed bags and in a cool dark place. May move those to the fridge though.



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