Winter Cycle- Mdrol +??

  1. Winter Cycle- Mdrol +??

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and I have a few questions for you guys. I'm 21, 6'1, 200lbs been lifting 4+ years. I've taken a few stacks in the past (halovar+nasty mass, halovar+m14e) and had good results from both. I'm looking to run a bulking cycle this winter and gain 15-20lbs and good strength gains. I'm gonna get mdrol and I'm undecided about what to bridge it with. I've seen it bridged with pmag and epi, but I'm leaning towards bridging it into epi. What do you guys think about the mdrol/epi bridge? I plan on running the proper cycle assist products and a serm for pct. I also plan to up my calories significantly. Is there anything else you guys would recommend bridging the mdrol with? I train DC style btw. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I bridged it 20,20,20 to p-plex 0,0, 20-30, 40,40,40, or a total of 7 weeks. it worked fantastic!!

    I would just as well bridge it to epistane too, but I stocked up on phera before the ban, and really wanted to try it. So I would go with epi, for sure.
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  3. OK, how would you dose the epi? The mdrol would be 10/20/20. A 4th week of mdrol wouldn't be necessary in an epi bridge would it?

  4. It depends how aggressive you wanna get. I run real aggressive cycles personally.

    A fourth week of SD is great if your not getting too bad of sides. For me personally epi doesn't do jack till day 21 and on so I would have to over lap epi 2 weeks. Epi is generally stronger than p mag for most people since it's an active steroid in the bottle so it would be a better choice.

    Though I'm strongly considering a SD/ phera stack. Only wish I had more phera! =[

  5. So you would start the epi while you're still running the mdrol? Thanks.

  6. Yes you always should something like this.

    SD/ epi

    heres a more aggressive version that I'd prob run =]

    not a begginer cycle though and you gotta make sure your liver is up to te challenge.

  7. Do you guys always run the SD first? I've seen several people on other forums run the epi first. What do you guys think?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by trontheman View Post
    Do you guys always run the SD first? I've seen several people on other forums run the epi first. What do you guys think?

    some people will hold differently, but around here the general concensus is that you should run the stronger compound first to get the larger gains, then the lesser one second to give more time to solidify the gains that were made.

  9. ^^^^ yeah, that! ^^^^^

    Plus I like to think PCT is easier right after a *milder* compound.....dunno if it is or not, but that's my opinion!!
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    I give a f**K!!

  10. OK, ill do the mdrol first then bridge to epi. What would another good bulking stack to buy for next year? I plan on stocking up a little while they're still readily available. Thanks.

  11. What do you guys think of m14add/pmag for a bulking cycle in the future? Thanks.

  12. Ok, my plans have changed a little. My finances have changed, and I'm looking to run a more cost effective cycle. What would you guys recommend out of: mdrol solo, alpha one, or prostanivar(sd+hdrol)? Which ph do you guys think would provide better size/strength gains? Thanks for all the help.


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