Chlorathoxy cycle Holiday Rip for Phatboy

  1. Chlorathoxy cycle Holiday Rip for Phatboy

    This is a Chlorathoxy log by NTBM. I'll be attempting a cut on this cycle.

    full serving is 10 pumps 60 servings per bottle
    Per servings
    4-chloro-androsta1,4-diene-3,17,17-diol 25mg
    13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one 10mg

    As promised Chlorathoxy!! now ready for testing sign up my friends

    Been strugleing with my shoulders the passed couple weeks so I figured it would be good excuse to load up on some cycle Assist. No need for CA for liver (because its a transdermal which Im excited about) but I'm taking it because my BP tends to rise when Im on something. (And I have 2 bottles cooling in my cupboard)

    Androcycle like 15 years ago and a couple m-drol cycles recently.

    Age 35
    BF 15%?

    Workout ScheduleGonna try something different for this one. Im going to be working out lighter than usual with alot more reps. I have been doing this since my shoulders started hurting from falling off a ladder at work. The burn I get is intense and I actually have some serious burn the next day in a given muscle group.
    Also I'm back to doing cardio.

    So heres the workout let me know what you think.
    Upper body
    Bi's, Tri's, Chest, Abs Mon Wed and Sat
    Legs, Shoulders Tues, Thurs
    Cardio every day but only 20 minutes on leg day. 30 minutes on other days and I split it up a buit like 15min walking (very fast) then 5 jogging (or vice versa) then the remainder on the stair climber.

    I'm hoping to cut down quite a bit without loosing muscle along side the fat.

    Meal PlanJust rubbed on about an hour ago.

    Whole grain oatmeal with protein powder
    Snack No fat Yogurt with Protein powder
    Lunch Roastbeef, tuna, turkey chicken etc (any of the above) with double protein whole grain bread and some assorted veggies
    Snack2 Again more assorted meats (no bread)
    Dinner Brown Rice, Chicken, assorted veggies, possible change the meat up a bit.

    My meal plan will probly stay the same most of the cycle, Its easy to eat the same thing every day being that we are creatures of habit. I will be eating less than mantanance. Protein shakes will be added or moved around according to workouts.
    Hoping to keep my protein at 200- 250g a day. 75-100 of it being shakes unfortunatly.

    Ok I rubbed on about an hour agao and Im heading to the gym now.

    The stuff rubs on easy and disapears fast. I'm trying to keep my 2 year old boy off me is that hard part.
    I'll have pics later today.

  2. i am in bro!!

  3. Yo! Sweet, Im pumped about this stuff. I been jonzing to get goin for a while, I applied 1 serving last friday morning but then came up with an earache and sinus infection, (HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CLORO)

    So here it is! Off to the gym. Be back with pics and updates daily, well not sure about daily pics but ill have befores and afters.

  4. Subbed.

    Good luck squire.

  5. so in total your gettin 50mg hdrol + 20mg max lmg?

  6. Yeap because I rubb twice a day. I'm keeping my first dose very early so I can dose my second one at about 3pm. Im trying to keep the second dose as early as possible so my natural test has a fighting chance when Im sleeping.

    As was spoken of in the original thread about this product, the fact that it is transdermal makes it alot different from the normal oral 50mg hdrol + 20mg max lmg. Absorption will be different in transdermal form and possiby quite stronger.

    I don't know if this is placebo or not but I already got a teeth tingleing sensation like I got when either first starting my SD or raising the dose. I thought this might be a side effect from a hormone change in my body or possible just share excitment ahahah
    Either way it already feels good ahaha

  7. nice, im running this as well. started my log last saturday. (late as well) and already am liking it.

    def a diff in the oral application vs the transdermal of these compounds.

  8. Ok nothing new yet,
    Rubbed yesterday and today about 7 am and then 3pm. Yesterday is my day off but today did the routine including cardio.
    Damn shoulder is still hurtin though doesnt stop me at the gym, but it sure hurts in the middle of the night.

    Maybe the roids will act as anti inflamatory's on it

  9. You know I'm following.

    Was wondering where the heck ya went bro.

  10. AIGHT! Sounds crazy and not possible but my waste is down a bit and my weight droped 2 lb's in a couple days, must be a mistake on the scale? Also I feel very fit, my muscles arent shrinking from what I can see. I will have my wife measure me tonight ahahah
    I have before pics I'll probly post em at tghe end with the afters.
    So far nothing very eventful. A nice ting;e in my teeth about mid day. Feels like a surge of energy or something. (is this in my mind?)
    Still a pain in the ass to keep my 2 year old from getting to close to me. I never realised how close he was to me all the time until I started rubbing ahahah.

    I know h-drol takes a couple weeks to kick in but how about the Max? Is it possible I'm feeling this compound already?

    Yeah sorry Barbell, I was fighting off sinus pains and a cold or some ****.
    Thanks for watchin dudes!

  11. Lol wow he didn't log his at all huh? That should be a ban


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