Test injection of first syno conversion...

  1. Test injection of first syno conversion...

    I just made my first batch of prop from syno,100mg/ml. Used Skye's formula (Thanks Skye!)

    I injected 1/2cc into my left quad to test for problems (pain, infection).

    My question: How long should I wait to see if a problem comes up before I start shooting massive quantities?



  2. Should've just done a full injection. You'd have a pretty big idea of how long by the next injection. Probably two days? My first injection of syno hurt like mad the next day, but it got more and more painless with each injection (reaction to the BA?)

  3. i am doing prop now also...been 4 weeks, the first week i noticed soreness the next day and it lasted for two. now i notice a little soreness the next day and then its gone.

  4. boomr... You put BA in yours? I'm on day 5. I love test prop. is all I can say. I'm in a constant good mood, crazy horny, and growing very fast.

  5. i used dazed's kit and had no problems at all

  6. Well, my question was directed mainly at those who have experienced the following:

    1. Infection/abcess caused by dirty gear, or

    2. Delayed pain caused by the injected solution "crashing"

    I was wondering how long it took both one and two to show up in their particular case.


  7. ya, this was my first time so i used dazed kit also.


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