What to expect from cycle...

  1. What to expect from cycle...

    I am still deciding whether or not to order it, but i was considering doing the evo stack by ALRI... I have been researching around but still had some questions.

    -Would i need a pct for this or would the restore do the job?
    -How surpressive actually is the evo stack?
    -Can i expect solid mass gains?

    Really looking to cut up some abdominal and thigh fat as well as put on some solid muscle in the process of doing so. I just do not want to do anything real surpressive and i have heard this is a good 10 week cycle.. sometimes only used in 4 weeks also?

    Thanks for responses in advance.

  2. I have only taken 2x Jungle and 2 x Restore,

    Stacked one restore with jungle warfare and used another for "pct"

    It worked when i was eating carbs put on weight but lost it when on holidays cause
    i did not trust the food.

    You will notice the good mood jungle/restore will put you in, i also had some lethargy
    i dont know what its like for cutting i put on 7lbs on a beginner bulk but i have an over active metalbolism.

    Want to trade metalbolisms 210 lbs would make me huge.

    Pct was all good my test levels come back at 29.8 / Range 7-30

    There are a few versions of jungle warfare some contain 17a-methyl-5a-dehydro-etiocholane-4,6-dien-3-one-17-ol.

    h-drol would make a better cutter if your diet & training is spot on.

  3. I heard h-drol can be pretty surpressive tho. There doesnt seem to be a whole bunch of reviews on this product so i was real curious and wouldnt mind giving it a try on the 10 week one... just wanted to see if i would need to go out and get clomid/nolva or anyting like that...

  4. I would say i had more libido issues with jungle warfare/restore. It could have been nerves because she was gorgeous lols, i had trouble finishing on JW/Restore i think nerves cause after a few times seeing her i was back to normal. even too low estrogen could affect things.

    H-drol has had me wanting to jump alot of females even after pct & beyond & i only used OTC pct. Test levels after was 29.8 range 7-30 ( 2 months after pct)

    Everyone reacts different and the EVO Stack would be good to try before anything harder.

    My female cousin was lovin those Hydroxy fat burner tablets, she made her goals with diet & training.

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