Anabolics for performance or size

  1. Anabolics for performance or size

    I've been doing a lot of reading here at the boards and it seems there's somewhat of a consensus that people under a certain size (200 lbs or so) shouldn't even consider steroids. Is this idea only in relation to people who are trying to be as big as possible? What about guys like me who want to look good, but that's not our only goal. I'm 30 years old, in great condition with a pretty solid background of lifting and exercise, but size isn't THE most important thing to me. I hover just slightly under 200 lbs., but I can also run a mile in about five minutes, do mixed martial arts, etc. I believe I'm at or very near my performance peak and I have no aspirations of being huge. Slightly more muscular, sure, but not body builder big. What are your thoughts on people doing a cycle with athletic performance being as important or more important than size taking a steroid/PH?

  2. everyone has different goals, and by NO means is AAS only for bodybuilding and size.

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