Extremely painful calf/shin/leg pumps on Test Prop

  1. Extremely painful calf/shin/leg pumps on Test Prop

    I've been running:

    Test Prop 100mg EOD
    Havoc 20mg/day
    Superdrol 10mg/day

    For four weeks now. Going to stop running Havoc and Superdrol and just continue with the Test Prop.

    Everything's been going great except one thing. I can't ****ing run. Anytime I run more than a quarter of a mile it feels like there is just so much blood in my calves/shins/thighs that the muscles feel really stiff, hard to flex, and become very painful. It feels like my lactic acid isn't getting pumped out like it should.

    Had a 2 mile run today and failed it miserably. Maintained a 8 minute/mile pace for the first mile but after that the pain in my legs and shins especially was just too overwhelming. It really feels like blood flow is getting cut off, that the pump is just too much there so that blood isn't able to circulate as it should, thus the cells aren't getting the oxygen they need to continue to function correctly. My shins were so pumped that I could not MOVE my foot. They were like two wooden clubs attached to my leg, and it took about half an hour before the inflammation subsided.

    Now I've put on about 11 pounds so far. I'm thinking it's probably a combination of the increased weight and then the steroids causing the pumps.

    What would you guys advise for a situation like this? I was reading that Taurine 3g and magnesium 500mg a day could help the situation. Anything else I should take? Anyone else experience these pumps and can comment?


    So my main concern is I really need to pass my PT test. I was a minute over on time. Normally I'm fine, my cardio is fine, it's simply the pain in the pumps causing me to fail.

    What kind of corrective actions can I take without completely coming off cycle to pass in a month?

    What would lowering the dose of Prop to 50mg EOD do? I assume stopping havoc and SD will probably help. I plan to stop bulking and cut some fat/weight so that will help.

    Anything else you guys can come up with to correct the issue besides stopping the cycle?

  2. Bump, anyone have any input on this issue?

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