I took mdrol for over 3 weeks, and I feel no different and didn't see any noticeable gains. I've been flirting with the idea of just buying beastdrol and starting a cycle of that. At first I thought I was feeling sides, and the whole mind over matter started to form.

After this long however, I don't see any noticeable increase in aggression.. unlike what I have taken in the past. I also show no signs of testicular atrophy. Size has not increased, nor has weight.. except about 5 lbs.

I thought strength was increasing but in hindsight I think it is pretty much just increasing due to working out more often. I have seen no 'large' increase in strength.

Do yall think I should just start my pct which is nolva, and I also have erase for a few weeks in.. or go to beastdrol. I'm leaning towards better safe than sorry and start pct, but on the other hand.. I know my body. In the past I took axis ht, and hdrol. I was expecting to feel 5x more on mdrol than those two, however that was not he case.