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  1. Stack question

    Ok, I'm one week into my PH stack. For the past week I have been taking 4AD+ (Legal Gears, 4squirts ED) and yesterday I started 12mg ED of M4OHN from sledge. I have soem of LG's 1-Test trans, could I throw that into my stack? My libido on M1T was ****ED. I cannot have this happen again. If I put in 1-Test trans for the rest of my 5 week cycle, will my libido be suffering again?

  2. You should be fine, as long as your 4-ad dose is sufficient.

  3. Here is the amount per serving of 4-AD+:

    Amount Per Serving:

    17a-Methyl-4-Androstene-3, 17b-diol
    Amount Per Serving: 4.2mg

    4-Androstene-4, 17b-ol-3-one
    Amount Per Serving: 25mg 4-Androstene-3, 17b-diol
    Amount Per Serving: 50mg

    Here is what is in the 1-Test:

    Amount Per Serving:

    Per 2mL: 1-Androstene-17bol-3-one - 33mg
    4-Androstene-4,17b-ol-3 - 25mg
    4-Androstene-3,17b-diol - 50mg

    How much should I take of each? More 4AD than 1-T?

  4. I used that 4ad+ too. It's great stuff!! Helps with gains alot.
    I'm gonna do the same cycle.

    I'm gonna ad 10mg m1t the last 2 weeks though.

    please report back on how it goes. I was thinkign of doing 10mg mohn ed, but could bump it to 14, if need be.

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