PCT suggestions (timing) wanted

  1. PCT suggestions (timing) wanted

    Well, as my cycle comes to it's last couple weeks, it's time to really start thinking about how I'm going to run my pct.

    I'll be using nolva/clomid, along with a natty booster, and I've decided to also use forma-stanzol. Seems like an attack from all angles.

    Ill be using the nolva/clomid from day one on pct. Dosing suggestions are welcomed, but so far this is how I plan on dosing... Let me know what you guys think and how you could change it. And why (leaning is always a good thing).

    nolva: 40/40/20/20
    clomid: (first four days 100mg frontload) 50/50/25/25

    Ill be using the natty test booster I have on hand (cellucor p6 extreme)
    I'll also be using forma-stanzol

    when should I introduce these 2? From day one like my SERMs, or should I wait till week two, or even three? I was thinking of adding the forma-stanzol in week two and the test booster from day 1, but I really have no idea.

  2. i have no idea as you provided no information on what you're taking, if its a short half-life product immediately, a long ester test would be about 2 weeks.. depends on what youre taking though as to the day you start.. and generally just clomid and nolva should be more than enough

  3. Nolva at 20 mg for 4 weeks.
    Clomid (no need to front load but you can) 50/50/50/25
    Formastanzol I would start in week 2 at 5 pumps a day. Then move over to 10 pumps a day in week 4. But that's just me.
    Test booster week 3 at rec dosage.

  4. Hmm that sounds good

    I can take the nolva and clomid at the same time Right? Just making sure... And is it better to dose them in the am, pm, or before bed?

    Also, how does forma-stanzol stack up against erase?

  5. Yea nolva and clomid can be taken together. Estrogen will be highest when you wake up so take them before bed. But it doesn't really matter... I do before bed.

    Hmm.. I haven't tried erase but forma-stanzol is formestane... that's a completely different thing than erase I believe. My vote goes for forma-stanzol. My next PCT is gonna look just like yours except HCGenerate as my test booster and only clomid.

  6. I see, thank you. Yeah my test booster is probably crappy, but I got it for free so I'm gonna use it

  7. It's all good... nolva clomid AND forma.... you are set regardless good luck brah

  8. I agree with CM. This is what I'm looking at after my 16 week binger is over

    Clomid- 100/50/50/50
    Forma Stanozolol

    Oh yeah i also have TCF1 and Sustain alpha in my stash too

  9. Im with barbell.

    Unleashed/Post Cycle

    I dont do nolva.

  10. Yeah can't go wrong with adding in the unleashed/post cycle combo

  11. Yea OP... I'm with Kris...

    If you have both nolva and clomid... I honestly would just do clomid and keep nolva on hand for any estrogen related sides.

    Nolva messed my libido a little bit. Coming off cycle it was at 70% and 1 month of nolva I feel like I'm at 50%. From now on I'm doing clomid personally.

    You really don't need nolva if you're doing Clomid, forma-stanzol, and a test booster. Just keep it on hand IMO. But do as you wish.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Im with barbell.

    Unleashed/Post Cycle

    I dont do nolva.
    i def agree, just keep nolva on hand. HCGenerate would be a great addition to you PCT

    get at it bro

  13. looks good.
    Id rec HCGnerate and sustain alpha.
    only because i havent gotten to use the forma-stanzol yet.
    but iv been hearing good things

  14. Ok just to throw out there what XP is running. He is doing a SD to Epi bridge with Tren stacked on top pretty much the whole time.

    Im def going to suggest u get HCGenerate and save that free test booster for a weaker cycle.

  15. I know a lot of people like the HCgenerate with Unleashed + post cycle combo, and then you can always go to Bridge from there.

  16. Yeah and clomid would be a better choice since he ran tren anyways.

  17. Clomid and 5pumps of forma, keep in mind forma will control the prog/prolac from tren.
    doing my own thang!

  18. I guess I'll leave the nolva out for this one unless needed. Seems reasonable, none of these compounds aromatize, epi even lowers estro. I've also heard nolva is a bad idea after a progestin like tren?

    I wish I could get the HCGenerate instead of the test booster I have, but my finds right now will only allow the forma or the hcgenerate; and I think the forma will be more useful.

  19. Yea stick to clomid with nolva on hand bud. Since you already have some kind of test booster just get the forma... if the budget allows mid PCT you can switch up since test booster starts week 3. You will be fine.

  20. Novla aggrevates the PR receptors, stick with Clomid and forma my good bro.
    doing my own thang!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Novla aggrevates the PR receptors, stick with Clomid and forma my good bro.


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