Hey all, I've done a good bit of reading all through the site and a few others, AM is by far the best I've found for information. I'm starting a new cycle this Oct. SD/Epi Stack. SD 10/20/20/30 Epi 0/0/0/30/45/45/45. I have done Epi before and very much like it for Recomp/Cutting. I Have not done the SD before tho. From the research I've done on AM the above 'stack' would be the most common, and approved I've found.

I intend to run this as a recomp/minor bulk. So I want to keep doing cardio.
I presently do a 3 day push/pull/legs split and have been for a while. I do either HIIT for 25 minutes or 35 minutes of high heart rate cardio 5 days a week each morning. I will even add a 2nd night cardio session on my off days tue/thur when I feel I have the excess energy.

My meals are currently chicken or lean pork /w less then a cup of rice 4/5 times per day. I get a 50g Protein shake mixed in every so often. I'm slowly recomping with this current setup.

I'm curious about starting a 5 day split while on cycle tho. I want to maintain the morning cardio sessions as much as possible, but do the 5 day split for lifting to get more work per muscle group. Is this going to be something I want to do while on the stack, or should I stick with the 3 day split.

I'm going to be upping my caloric in take on my planned meals, easy to control and do with the current setup. One of the other reasons I want a 5 day is I want more variety of the workouts for the muscle groups. I've recently made minor tweaks to my 3 day such as reverse bench for the push, makes a huge difference in how I feel, and switching the order on my pull day gave my biceps a better workout. So I want to try and isolate muscle groups a bit, I feel the 5 day will be better for that, but will it be the optimal workout for a SD Cycle as SD is primarily bulking from what I've seen, tho some use it for recomp.

Will my 5 day a week early morning *usually fasted* cardio be an issue? My Primary goal is a major recomp, but also a little extra strength and mass if possible. Any recommendations, or even a push to a thread that may have answered something like this would be greatly appreciated.

And if your for the 5 day split. Any recommendations on type? I've never tried to make one, I'm sure I could find multilple 5days online, but hey getting one from someone who has RUN a cycle similer to this is far more valuable to me

Experience always wins out in my book.

Thanks again for the help guys.

*braces for the newbie hazing*