What would happen if prohormones were banned in transit?

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  1. people here are correct in that i doubt the DEA or local cops are going to put much effort into enforcing this law in regards to 1-ad or whatever. at least in regards to possession cases.

    heck, DEA doesn't barely ever get involved in Possession cases, unless you are talking very big quantities of a drug
    The bill isn't just about making prohormones a schedule 3 though. They are bumping up the punishments for dealing steroids and maybe possession as well. My guess is that the DEA is going to make steroids a higher priority in the future. Notice the name of the bill is the anabolic steroid act of 2004.

  2. Also the fact the president mentioned steroids in the state of the union address also leads me to believe they will be going after them more than they have been.

  3. i agree. however, they still have to prioritize. DEA typically does not do ANY possession cases unless they are trafficking amounts - of ANY drug

    but they are certainly going to be more of a focus than they have been. certainly

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jjjd
    i agree. however, they still have to prioritize. DEA typically does not do ANY possession cases unless they are trafficking amounts - of ANY drug

    but they are certainly going to be more of a focus than they have been. certainly
    This is very true. What I see possibly happening, if the DEA decides to, or is ordered to do some enforcement, is a few cases investigated that can be sensationalized in the media so the word gets out that they are watching, and actively seeking violators. If anything, I believe more pressure will be placed on the shoulders of the U.S. Customs to intercept incoming packages to the U.S.

  5. totally. people don't understand how much discretion these agencies have.

    for example, it's common knowledge that customs will generally let through Rx (non-scheduled) drugs at border crossings when declared - nolvadex, penicillin, etc.

    however, this is still NOT LEGAL. period. but they don't CARE. that's called "discretion". it is very common in law enforcement.

    what this bill seeks to do, in addition to scheduling PH's (which is ludicrous imo) is to make them more of an emphasis. however, the DEA is still going to concentrate on: MJ, Coke, ecstacy, heroin, etc. i've never seen (not saying it doesn't happen) the DEA bring ANY case to court that did not involve either - trafficking, possession of VERY large quantities, or sales (and even when it's sales, it has to be pretty big)

    this, like the vast majority of drug enforcement will be done primarily by state, county, city cops. not the feds.

    there are literally tons of cops out there who have been using PH's i am sure. so, they are going to see through the hype. this does not mean they won't enforce it, but it will be put in perspective.

    what is scary about this is when the act of 1990 was passed, both the AMA and the DEA were AGAINST scheduling steroids. NOW, i suspect neither organization will be against scheduling PH's. THAT is an attitudinal sea change

    look at the vote in congress. how many against? 3?!?!?!?!? was that it? that is INSANE! i really do blame the industry to an extent, though. they should have "policed themselves" but they didn't (don't sell to minors, etc.) . so now, we have a typical overreaction by govt.

    imo, PH's should be banned for sale to those under 21, and it should be a misdemeanor to do so. the industry should have stepped up to the plate on that

    fwiw, with the introduction of methyls., PH's stepped into new territory in effectiveness, but also in danger. that was another death knell

    the thing is, they are not going to make PH's prescription (on legend not controlled basis), since there is already resistance to allowing prescription meds to be used for anabolic purposes (recreationally), so there were only two options

    1) ban their SALE (this would have been a MUCH better decision imo). it also means that people who stocked up would be on firm legal ground
    2) schedule them.

    unfortunately, they are choosing the latter.

    what also sux is that the first several generation of PH's generally SUCKED. 4-adione, etc.

    the second generation was decent, but the delivery methods still sucked 4-adiol.

    then, the cyclos and transdermals offered a decent way to get 4-ad into the system. REASONABLY effective, but still nowhere near "real gear"

    the next generation was 1-ad. this was (imo) the first REALLY effective oral PH. if taken way above label claims (6-9 capsules a day was quite effective, albeit not m1t)

    with the advent of people pinning ph's, and then the ultimate - methyl PH's. we finally had PH's in the same "league" as real gear.

    now, the ban. oh well. it was interesting while it lasted.



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