Why was my poll on the PH banned moved to "off topic"

  1. Why was my poll on the PH banned moved to "off topic"

    Seriously, is there much else that is more important regarding PH than the impending ban on PH?
    I fail to see how that poll does not belong here. If you do not think the government knows this is one of the best and biggest PH boards out there and that they do not read these posts you are wrong.
    I was thinking possibly they could see that the bulk of us will continue and instead switch to the real stuff, thus defeating the whole point of their ban?
    That was really the point of it all, but oh well.
    Please don't ban me, I do love this board but we have to keep fighting this!

  2. Because it was off topic for the overall mission of the ph forum... that is why I moved it..
    and I am not going to ban you but I am just having to do some normal everyday house keeping details.. nothing dramatic as you would think..

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