Starting Epistane cycle

  1. Starting Epistane cycle

    Hey everyone! This is my 1st post, but I've been lurking and doing a lot of research. I am 23 and have been lifting naturally for quite a while. I have been looking into PH's, and Epistane really caught my attention. So after months of research and debate, I placed an order for some Epi and constructed plans for a cycle. Here is what I have decided on...

    Pre-cycle and Cycle
    Cycle Support: start 2 weeks prior to cycle and continue through cycle
    Epistane: 1st week: Day 1-2: 10mg (1 capsule ~45 minutes before workout)
    Days 3-7: 20mg (1 mid-day, 1 before workout)
    2nd week: 30mg (1 morning, 1 mid-day, 1 before workout)
    3rd week: 30mg (1 morning, 1 mid-day, 1 before workout)
    4th week: 40mg (1 morning, 1 mid-day, 2 before workout)
    Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement
    Supporting diet with protein supplement

    Nolva: 20mg/20mg/10mg/10mg
    PCT Assist: X/X/X/X
    Lean Xtreme: 0/0/X/X/X/X
    Start creatine on 1st day

    I'm starting off with 10mg on the first 2 days, because it is my first experience with a PH and I would like to make sure I don't have adverse effects from it. Now for a few questions/suggestions from others....Do the dosing times (time of day) for the Epistane look okay? Also, is it okay to take the daily dose of the Nolva, 20mg, all at once? If so, what time of the day? AND does everyone think that it's REALLY necessary for the Lean Xtreme??

    Any other suggestions or comments are more than welcome! Thanks!

  2. Anything I should change guys?

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