maximizing a little superdrol and a little 4AD

  1. maximizing a little superdrol and a little 4AD

    Got 140 mg superdrol the old DS kind, and 3000 mg 4AD. I know thats not much to work with but I dont want to waste it. I'm just getting back into lifting and want to use these leftovers to get a jump start. I was thinking of going transdermal with the 4AD, and then doing either pulsing or a low dose cycle. any input? and what about transdermal superdrol, I have heard and read the molecule may be to big or I would lose absorption but what are the facts?


  2. SD is a methyl. Just take it orally.

  3. either method would work. sd's molecular weight is low enough to work as a transdermal.

    I've read a theory on transdermals, when you take a methyl orally, the entire amount is shoved into the liver at once, and this "could" cause more stress.

    when you inject, or use it transdermally, you avoid first pass, as well as slowly introduce the compound to the liver to be filtered, and this "could" cause less stress than when taken orally.
    this is all hypothetical though, and never been proven. sounds good though.

  4. oh yea, the sd run at 20mg e/d for 4 weeks, and the 4 ad 600mg e/d for 4 weeks.

    applying the 4-ad would give you more steady levels throughout the day than taking it orally.

    do you have 4-androstenediol? or is it the dione? or even worse, the 4-dhea?

  5. its definately not dhea but I'm not sure if its dione or diole



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