steroids, high hematocrit, and blood/platelet donations

  1. steroids, high hematocrit, and blood/platelet donations

    I'm hoping to get some input from those AAS users that monitor their bloodwork. I'm on TRT at 100mg of Cypionate a week, and also cycle occasionaly with designer AAS. Everything has been great, but my last two hematocrit readings have been 54-57. I'm afraid the doc will stop the TRT (which I dont want to happen) if it goes or stays higher. He told me to give blood every eight weeks, and I know from other posts this can help.

    Has anyone who uses AAS ever tried the platelet/whole blood donation where they hook you up to the machine and extract the red blood cells, and return the plasma in your body? (It's like two donations in one visit). Would this hurt my levels of AAS and Test in my blood? Be beneficial for hematocrit reduction?

    Anyone have any idea or done this type of blood dontation?

  2. ive heard of tons of guys doing this. next time red cross or whoever around here does this comes to town im donating. it will not affect ur test levels or anything. they later test ur blood and if its no good then they just toss it.

  3. I regularly donate blood, I did on my last cycle(androhard/tbol) like nos said if they see something they don't like they'll toss it, there main concentrate is HIV, and hepatitis.

  4. *concern

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