My PGF-2A experiment

  1. My PGF-2A experiment

    i have been very interested about prostaglandin F-2 alpha, so i decided to try this stuff. i bought couple of bottles from vet store with help of friend. Since there isnt much of feedback on this product i need some help on the protocol of its usage. here is my plane: im trying to make a local transdemal carrier for the PGF based on Big Cats recommendation. the PGF is already dissolve in 30 ml of pure BA. i want to bring the solution volume to 120ml similar to QFS pgf gel. so i will add the acetone and the isopropel alcohol 4:5 ratio. so what do u think about using PGF on arms, i will use it for 2 week and see what happens., i may add an anabolic after 2 week.

    i will apply the gel on my ab for fat loss, and on my arms to bring the lagging muscle. i will use 1ml on each arm and on my abs. i read that PGF doesnít urn the fat but resale it into the blood stream so it would be burned after exercise. so should i use the PGF on my abs on working days only?

    im thinking to try it on my abs for 2 weeks while doing cardio and taking ECA only, the stop for 1 one week and start again for 2 weeks after i add T3 and clen for abs gel.

    any suggestions or recommendation will be appreciated that guys?

  2. Man I don't know how a transdermal will be, but.... The injections are suppose to be hardcore! Man I read about it on some board and all sorts of weird **** happens when you inject this stuff.

  3. yah im trying to avoid the injection, i dont have time to inject myself five times a day. plus the transdermal method will be better for my purpose i think.

  4. bakon had a transdermal formula that was posted here somewhere.

  5. how about taking asprin with the PGF-2A before workout because of this:
    NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. An example of such drugs are aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), naproxen sodium (Anaprox, Alleve). There are several more but these are the most common to consumers. NSAIDs work by inhibiting the activity of cyclooxygenase. By blocking cyclooxygenase you block prostaglandin production. These drugs have been shown to improve nitrogen balance under conditions of severe physical stress such as after surgery. The effect is abolished when PGE2 is infused linking PGE2 production with the catabolic effect of stress. In the case of PGF2a, the use of NSAIDs also blocks its production in that PGE2 and PGF2a are normally produced in a 1:1 ratio from the same precursor. Using NSAIDS while using exogenous PGF2a may improve the anabolic effect by reducing PGE2 in the presents of elevated PGF2a shifting the ratio towards anabolism.

  6. ok here is my transdermal formula acording to Big Cat post on trandermal local delivery:

    30 ml BA
    40 ml acetone
    50 ml isopropyl alcohol

    total volume 120 ml

    im missing something?........should i add something to the mix?

  7. Origionally posted by backon at****1210
    PGF2A Transdermal Formula

    Things needed

    1 30ml bottle pgf2a cost depends on where you get it.

    15 mlís DMSO gel any farm and ranch supply should have it for $2

    75 mlís fruit of the earth aloe Vera gel I chose this as it was the thickest I could find Wal-Mart $3.95 I used the aloe Vera gel to get rid of the skin irritation from the DMSO.

    Step 1
    Measure out the 15mlís dmso gel into a small Pyrex bowl as dmso leaches metal salts out of metallic objects place in the sun or other warm area till it melts.

    2. Add the pgf2a to the DMSO stir using a glass rod leave it sitting in the heat some more till itís all liquid.

    3. Add the 75 mlís of aloe Vera gel and mix. I used a small plastic Wisk worked well to mix it all together.

    4. Put into a squeeze bottle or other container that can be sealed stick it in the fridge for and hour and everything will gel up again and itís ready to use. The yield is the same as the other transdermal pgf2a that is out there a little over 1mg per ml a little goes a long way so you donít need a lot.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    thank you for you help. i dont want to use DMSO with my formula since it will make the PGF absorbed systimaticly. so i looked into BC formula so that the drug is delivered to the targetet area only.

  9. From the threads that i've read about PGF2a, it doesn't work systemicly but localized. It's usually used to bring up lagging areas. It is generally injected into the muscle that you want to improve. That said, DMSO will only improve absorbtion to the areas that you want to see gains. Check out this thread:

  10. bump i just recieved my stuff.....i will start my experiment soon, and i will keep you all updated.

  11. I would pre-treat with DMSO. Meaning apply roughly half the volume of DMSO about 5 minutes prior to applying your TPD/PGF2. Otherwise you will find your transdermal starts working less as time progresses. pretreatment with DMSO will counter this. Other than that, looks great.


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