mmv2 to epi

  1. mmv2 to epi

    Iv been on mmv2 for about 3 weeks now after week 4 do you think it would be ok and safe to go straight into a 4 week cycle of epi ?
    Any help and comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Been taking mmv2 4 caps a day.
    Anadraulic state pre workout.

    I have androbolix and esto suppress for pct,this is all I could get my hands on because Im stuck on ship.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Started epi 2 days ago gonna run it 20 30 30 30 ,see what happens.
    10 on waking and 20 before workout in the 30 mg weeks.
    Hopefully 4 pounds of muscle with no fat gain and more vascularity.
    Have nano vapour and no explode for preworkout.
    I will keep everyone posted .

  3. Well I started pct with androbolix and esto suppress 4 days ago.Strength is up by a couple of reps on all the big lifts.
    Im close to 213 pounds now But Iv been eating a lot of cereal and fruit between meals and my body fat has also climbed a couple of % I think.
    Oh yea Iv been getting awesomely painfull back pumps when doing my manditory cardio training with the rest of the troop.
    I have a bit of acne on my chest and shoulders which I hate as Im quite pale skinned
    Sex drive has gone way down and its nearly impossible to get a proper hard on and keep it,does anyone know if upping the dosage of androbolix would help this ?
    My woman is starting to wonder whats up ,and why its not up,because when I was just on the mmv2 she would just rub my leg and I would get a raging boner.
    Im taking androbolix as directed at the moment which is 2 caps in morning and 2 before bed.
    And esto suppress at 20 20 10 10.
    Definetly thinking of just doing proper juice instead of otc everything nexttime.

    Cheers lads

  4. Is this posted in the right forum because I was expecting at least some feedback ?

  5. you've been cycling for two months on designers that don't convert to need a propper SERM for PCT!

    also, looks like you're just mega dosing AI's for PCT...this is not wise!

    estrogen plays many roles (even for men). destroying estrogen is going to leave you lethargic, limp, and it can cause joint discomfort.

    best advice, get a reall PCT ASAP. Nolva or Clomid. Clomid is going to do the best job getting your libido back, but it can lead to some unfortunate emotional sides in high doses.
    Iron Legion Rep

  6. Cheers for the reply mate.
    I obviously need to be more carefull with my research.

    Do you think I should just drop the esto suppress and stay on androbolix/tribulis until I get some clomid ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Turtlepecs View Post
    Cheers for the reply mate.
    I obviously need to be more carefull with my research.

    Do you think I should just drop the esto suppress and stay on androbolix/tribulis until I get some clomid ?
    no, but you should probably lower the dose a bit. if you run a high dose of an AI and then just stop taking it, you run the risk of estrogen rebound and that can lead to gyno.

    keep your head up bud, it'll pan out soon enough.

    also note, PCT is usually not the best time...we call it the PCT blues because of this. your libido won't come raging back the moment you start your SERM. that doesn't mean it's not doing it's job, but understand things are on the way to improvement
    Iron Legion Rep

  8. Oh right ,I'l probably just try 10 10 10 10 then for the AI.

    I probably wont be able to get clomid for around 3 weeks though, I have 100 oral Winny 50 mg tabs but I dont think thats going to do me any good, maybe make me worse.

    I don't feel that bad,Im still strong ,its just the bloody libido
    If I wasn't stuck on ship this wouldnt be so much of a problem,looks like Im just going to have to wait a while.
    Next time Im going to buy a ton of pct gear before anything else

    Thanks again for the help ,


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