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  1. I just add about .25-.50 mg of sterile oil with the shot and Im good to go.

  2. My cycle is going great. I am one week in and strength and pumps are definitely increasing. However, walking around with a softball size knott in my glute and to bummed quads is no fun at all.

    OK, I see several of you reccomended adding some strerile oil to the solution to make it less concentrated. Exactly what do I get and where do I get it?

  3. The swelling in my left glute has relocated, LOL. It is no longer at the site of injection, but has actually moved upwards. WTF is going on? Also, instead of feeling like a softball it is now like a long ass steal rod. It is puffy all the way up to my lower back. Please tell me this is normal. I need to just stick to pinning my right side because I **** everytime I do the left side. I can't do **** with my left hand.

    Also, should I be rubbing the hell out of it at this point. Sorry for all of the questions, but it sucks when this effects your workout.

    One last thing....I have a 50ml vial of sterile oil on the way. Is it cool to just draw up a cc of oil and then draw up the product. I do not want to try to combine the two into one vial.

  4. To all that offered advice, thanks. I am now adding 1cc sterile oil to each injection and there is no pain.

  5. Bigswole...hows the cycle going so far? any gains yet?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Manu20
    Bigswole...hows the cycle going so far? any gains yet?
    I have noticed some hardening, but nothing much else to report. I injected three times and then stopped for one week while I waited on my steril oil. That threw me off a little. I am now two shots in again. I expect next week to be when I really start seeing results. Also, I should mention I was sick and missed several workouts.


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