CTD Labs 17 Hardcore??

  1. CTD Labs 17 Hardcore??

    Anyone run it yet?

    17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone: 400 mg
    Ge Gan (pueraria lobota) *
    Smilax officinalis *
    N.O. Oliliacae *
    Guarana *
    Wild Yam 100 mg
    Glabra 100 mg
    Beta Ecdysterone 100 mg
    Phosphatidyl Choline 100 mg
    Citric Acid 50 mg

    All there past stuff was good (pre ban), wondering about it?

  2. Cassavus
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    From what I've read on another board, it doesn't work all that well. The "17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone" is supposedly just a fancy name and that's about it. In fact, I don't think it's much more than a test booster. Another company called Vyotech also has a product like this called 17-HD. From my understanding they discontinued it. Here's the description of 17-HD:

    "17-HD (17- Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone) is a revolutionary all natural anabolic formula designed to help pack on lean muscle pounds. It elevates serum levels of free testosterone resulting in an increase in strength, size, and work-out intensity. The patent pending hydroxalation process rearranges the hydrogen and oxygen molecules on the natural steroid ring of a highly anabolic South American plant source. However, there are no additional synthetic “side chain” attached (This would be classified as a designer steroid because the synthetic side chain is added). This potent substrate is in your system in a matter of minutes giving a rush of pure power which reaches every muscle cell in your body. It is not only highly androgenic and anabolic but it also causes rapid cell regeneration, and is anti-estrogenic as well. If your looking for a leaner more muscular physique, and hair raising intensity during your workouts, Then 17-HD is the answer. After only one pill you can’t deny the amazing power of this cutting edge phenomenon. 17-HD is the new King of natural muscle enhancement."

  3. So its not really a PH huh?
  4. Cassavus
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    I don't think so. I think it's probably another product that contains plant extracts, that for some reason people are made to believe are like a natural steroid. Regardless, my understanding is it's a waste of money.

  5. NO, this is definitely not a PH. It's basically a bunch of herbs. the actual compound 17-halo-methyl-dianadrone sounds like some sort of an anabolic. but its really just a combination of a few herbs. somewhat useless herbs also.

    pueraria lobota, also called ge gan or kudzu.

    "Chemicals extracted from kudzu include isoflavones known as daidzein, daidzin, genistein, and puerarin. Isoflavones are plant chemicals that have estrogenic and antioxidant effects."

    Smilax- Smilax officinalis is also known as sarsparilla.
    "In the United States, sarsaparilla is sold primarily as an oral remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis. It is believed that chemicals in sarsaparilla may attach to endotoxins (the remnants of bacterial cells) that are common in individuals with psoriasis and certain other conditions. By eliminating or reducing the amounts of endotoxins in the body, sarsaparilla may help to relieve the condition.

    Orally, sarsaparilla also has weak diuretic and laxative effects, which may make it useful in promoting the loss of excess water from the body and also in treating mild constipation. It may also promote sweating, which may help to reduce fever. Additionally, sarsaparilla contains chemicals that may act as a mild expectorant – a substance that may loosen bronchial mucus and promote coughing. However, none of these effects has been verified through clinical studies and they may vary greatly depending on the amounts and type of sarsaparilla that is used. "

    -Glabra is cute renaming (as every ingredient is and the product itself) of Glycyrrhiza glabra, aka Licorice. Licorice you say? Yes, THE ultimate bodybuilding supplement. And I will quote:

    "Licorice is also a mild laxative. Large doses of glycyrrhizinic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid in liquorice extract can lead to hypokalemia and serious increases in blood pressure, a syndrome known as apparent mineralocorticoid excess. These side effects stem from the inhibition of the enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (type 2) and subsequent increase in activity of cortisol on the kidney. 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase normally inactivates cortisol in the kidney; thus, licorice's inactivation of this enzyme makes the concentration of cortisol appear to increase. Cortisol acts at the same receptor as the hormone aldosterone in the kidney; thus, the effects mimic aldosterone excess, although aldosterone remains low or normal during licorice overdose. Cortisol does not actually increase either; however, its activity in the kidney effectively increases due to the disabling of this enzyme. To decrease the chances of these serious side effects, deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) preparations are available.

    Licorice affects the body's endocrine system. It can lower the amount of serum testosterone, but whether it affects the amount of free testosterone is unclear. A PubMed search for licorice AND testosterone will provide additional information."

    Well, cool, Licorice decrease testosterone, increases blood pressure and may increase catabolic hormones. Oh yeah, and again its a laxative.

    so yeah, probably not the best supplement to be taking. if you want ph style stuff from ctd, go with euibold or winadrol, those are legit.



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