my summer cycle

  1. my summer cycle

    ok so i was tossing some ideas arounf inluding h-drol,stanodrol, and p-plex. btw i already own all of them, bought a bunch of **** before the ban. I'm currently 5'10,210lbs and 16-17%bmi. iveen training hard for the past 3yrs.
    my cycle is goin to look like this
    i decidedcided to save the p-plex
    h-drol 75/75/75/75/75
    stanodrol 450/600/600/600/600/600 and of course pct< which btw i dont know what to go with
    i also have
    1-p-stanz(would like to throw in cuz im broke and doubt ill get more but seems like a waste) love to hear what ya'll think
    1- primaforce havoc which i loved last time around
    1- d-zine which ive never touched and mentioned for the hell of it

    please give me feedback on my cycle and if i should throw any of the listed supps in. im really lookin to gain strength and leanout which in turn will make me look bigger

    f.y.i i think this is my 5th cycle incle test-e/deca 16wks

    thank you in advance i wanna do this right ive been waiting months just staring at those bottles

  2. coulod someone please comment. i'd really like to start my summer cycle and need some direction. also, money is tigh so if i need to buy more gear i'd like to know now.

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