Injecting 4AD cypionate

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  1. Re: 4-ad cypionate injectable - my experience

    Originally posted by RVEXLER
    1) It is 93% pure. The other impurities per BDC are probably testosterone and boldenone.

    2) I made 10 grams into a 40ml @250mg/ml injectable last monday. Since then I have done 5 injections of 2cc (500 mg). The injections are painless.

    3) Too early to tell as far as results (probably 2 weeks before I notice a really big difference).

    4) No side effects.
    how often r u injecting?eod,ed etc?

    keep this up there i wanna see how this goes

  2. My bad, its been only 3 injections of 4-ad (two last week and one today). I'm doing twice weekly injections at 2cc per injection for a total of 1 gram of 4-ad per week.

  3. It will be interesting to see how 1,000mg a week injected works compared to 1,000mg a day transdermal.

    Please keep us posted.

  4. how bout someone sell me some 4-ad cyp where i don't need to purchase 25g of the stuff? all i need is 5g

  5. yeah me too bean cept i need mine pre made......


  6. Originally posted by syko
    yeah me too bean cept i need mine pre made......

    Don't know about your budgets, but you can make an excellent 10 week cycle (1 gram of 4-AD per week for 10 weeks with the required needles) for less than $100. Here's how you do it:

    1) Order the 4 gram Fina kit from Specify 1.5" 25 gauge needles. The cost is about $30, on sale it goes for $25. For that amount you get the sterile oil, the whatman filter, the benzyl alcohol, the sterile container, 2 18 gauge needles, 1-10cc syringe and 1-5cc syringe.

    2) Order 10 grams of 4-ad cypionate for $40 from kilosports.

    3) Skip the benzyl benzoate (if you are that cheap) or order it from or someone else for $20 or way less).

    Total cost (and you can by separate and save even more) $90 - $100.

    Here is how you make it:

    1) extract 2cc from the container with the clear fluid (that's the benzyl alcohol) into the 5cc syringe. Save the rest or throw it away. Empty that container and dry. Extract 2 more cc from the BB container into the same syringe.

    2) Using the 10 cc syringe, fill the container which held the BA with 40 cc of clean water. Mark a line at the top of the water. Pour out the water and dry the container.

    3) Pour the entire 10 grams of 4-AD cypionate into the old BA container.

    4) Squirt the entire contents of the 5cc syringe into the old BA container.

    5) Pour sterile oil from the other container into the old BA container until it reaches the line you drew. You know have 40 ml of solution. It will be very milky.

    6) Screw cap back on the container and shake well. Place in center of pot of water. Remove cap. Bring water to a boil while gently swirling container until solution turns almost clear. At this point, all the 4-AD cyp crystals have melted and are in the solution. Allow to cool slightly.

    7) Remove aluminum top from sterile container. Place sterile 18 gauge needle into rubber top. Place 22 gauge needle in side for venting. Sterility is critical at this point. Do no handle tips of anything. Use alcohol wipes liberally.

    8) Remove whatman filter from plastic. Only touch sides. Place bottom onto 18 gauge needle sticking out from sterile container.

    9) Using 10 cc syringe, draw up 4-AD fluid (it will start to turn milky white again as it cools, don't worry) and place syringe top onto top of whatman filter. Press gently and firmly until all contents have been filtered. It will take 4 times (10cc per time) or about 10 minutes to filter it all.

    Baking for further sterility is not necessary. You now have 40 ml of 4-AD cypionate at 250 mg/ml. At 2 shots per week of 2cc per shot, you will be using 1 gram per week. You get 20 pins with the kit, 2 pins a week = 10 weeks. Use the 18 gauge needle (cleaning carefully with alcohol swipes each time) to draw out the fluid (it will be somewhat thick and milky white, kinda like semen) and use the 25 gauge needle to inject. The injections are painless and no residual pain later.

    If you are sensitive at all to gyno (personally, I get tender nipples just from saying "testosterone") then make sure you have some nolvadex on hand to use at 10-20 mg a day. You will also get major natural test suppression, so plan on clomid or nolva or hcg or 6-oxo for post cycle recovery.

    BTW, with just a little more benzyl alcohol (the 2cc's you used to make your 4-ad) another sterile container of the same size you used for the 4-ad (about $3.50 more) and some fina pellets, you can also make a bunch of fina to combine with your 4-AD cypionate for a very potent cycle.

  7. great post bro thanks

    thats some good info

    oh btw is there anything else you need to order if you get the 4g kit from research kits.. anything at all thanks
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  8. Originally posted by Judo Tom
    great post bro thanks

    thats some good info

    oh btw is there anything else you need to order if you get the 4g kit from research kits.. anything at all thanks
    The only thing missing is the Benzyl benzoate. You can get by without it by upping the BA from 2cc to 4cc (10% BA).


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