Infection with no pain?

  1. Infection with no pain?

    So on saturday I took my first Sustanon shot. Didnt hurt too bad, a little more then tren. So then Sunday rolls around and it was still a little sore. Then sunday night comes, and I was in pain. I started to get worried, thought maybe an infection. I panicked, couldnt sleep, came on here, and read up about how painful sust shots can be the next day, so that calmed me down.

    However, its now tuesday, it no longer hurts, however it is red now. All I had at the time, was a 5/8" needle so I think I didnt shoot it deep enough, and that may be adding to the irritation. But my question is, is it still a possible infection even though its not painful anymore? Or is it maybe just irritated from shooting too much in shallow. I have 1" needles now to go deeper, and Im also going slower, I think I may have injected too fast before.

    So should I just sit it out and see if it gets better? Theres no pain right now, so I guess thats a good sign. If it is an infection, do you think my body may be able to fight it off by itself? Is there anything I can do besides seeing a doctor to help out with it?

  2. More than likely not a not an infection but you need to get some longer pins.. 1 1/2" to 1" on glutes... 1" for quads and delts

  3. Why take the chance .........go see a doctor

  4. Quote Originally Posted by VanillaGorilla
    Why take the chance .........go see a doctor
    WHat would you tell your doc you shot into your self? Would you tell the truth about what happened? Just curious.

  5. If its possible, of course to be on the safe side see a doctor. But i doubt its an infection.

  6. You could tell the truth but you run the risk of that showing up in your medical file.. which could keep you from getting insurance down the road.. that is just a guess on my part but, I know I would not want to take that chance if it were me.. and for the record.. I did something similiar to what AA described... I shot a quad shot too low, close to the knee cap, and it got all red and I was semi freaking out but I held off and after the old cleared.. it got better
    We need an update AA

  7. UPDATE:

    All is well. Since there was no pain, I figured I would wait it out. It is all cleared up now, no pain, no redness, no swelling. I took another shot in the same delt yesterday, nothing bad to report. I think it was just as I expected, I was using too short of a needle, and I also injected real quick (since then, I have corrected both of those issues)

    So all is well guys, thanks for the help


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