Best way to take Anavar for a woman

  1. Best way to take Anavar for a woman

    Friend is gonna start Anavar cycle. 25MG pills and was told to take 15MG per day so should she just split the pills or take a 25 every other day.


  2. i'd split them in half, that's easier to do then trying to take 3/5 of a pill (lol). So you've got 12.5mg, ed for 8 weeks or so... that sounds right? I haven't read too much about women's cycling but var, ~10mg, pretty common.
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  3. i wonder what kinda tabs they are, i havent seen ANY people make anavar at a dose that high, highest ive seen was 10mg, unless liquid which is about 20mg per mL.

    for a female 40mg per day should be OK.

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