Peg 400 and M4OHN

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  1. use olive oil if you odnt want peg, the flakes sounds about right.

    BA helps it dissolve and stay in solution better.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    use olive oil if you odnt want peg, the flakes sounds about right.

    BA helps it dissolve and stay in solution better.
    the reason i like olive oil is that since it's a suspension, you can practically put in as much as you want. 5mg/ml, 10mg/ml, etc. the olive oil still tastes like olive oil. you could use it to dip bread in if you want.

    I just put 50 drops(5mg/ml) in a cup of gf juice and drink.


  3. M4OHN 2mg/ml solution

    1gm M4OHN powder
    mix with 499ml peg 400
    heat in a water bath on the stove (low heat) for 30-45 minutes.
    ****************************** **************************
    Above is the solution from Designer supps powder ph instructions. I've read this thread and others.....looking for additional information and updates on anyone who has or will be mixing their m4ohn powder, since I will be getting mine soon.

    Has anyone tried olive oil alone? and if so, at what concentration? seems everclear is a no no, but has anyone else tried? sesame seed oil? at what concentration?

    Just trying to get the ball rolling on any other recipies out there that bros have mixed and held with success. All of your input is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I'm thinking of using olive oil alone and trying to get an idea where to start....I'd like at least 4mg/ml, but more or less would be fine.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    One additional advantage to using Olive oil instead of PEG maybe that the oil won't dissolve the ML markings on an oral syringe,my PEG solution wiped it clean.

    I would recommended a touch of high proof alcohol in it if you don't go with BA, to prevent the oil from going rancid when it's repeatedly opened to the air over 6 to 12 months, it can.
    Thanks for the input. I'd just be making enough to run a 6kw cycle. Mixing a bit of everclear with the olive oil and m4ohn sounds promising....along with heating and mixing.....just wondering what concentration (how high) I can get?

    If I'm not mistaken 200ml of olive oil with 1gr m4ohn will give me 5mg/ml???? Wonder how much alcohol should add???

  5. Somewhat off topic but there was talk of using a cyclodextrin to increase solubility. Has anyone tried this in peg400 or even olive oil and what concentration were you able to achieve?

  6. lets keep this going...i would like to know the highest concentration you can make an M4OHN olive oil mix too.

  7. I am gonna convert a gram of this today and was wondering if anyone could help out here. I plan on using 200ml of olive oil and giving it as many hot water baths as possible to yeild 5mg/ml. I also have BA and BB, can I use these to help dissolve the powder and if so how much. Like I said I am doing this today so if anyone has any input that would be nice.

  8. Here's a thread where I asked Sledge about m4ohn solution...He said he only used 1% BA with olive oil 5mg/ml....holding stable:

  9. I just made a suspension with 96 ml of olive oil, 2 ml of BA, and 2 ml of BB. Don't ask why I made it that way but that's what happend. I gave it multiple water baths and it looks pretty good at 10mg's/ml (susp).

  10. Should one heat the oil first then add the powder and shake? or add the powder to cold oil....shake....then hot water bath?

  11. I just got a 250ml bottle of olive oil from the store and poured 1g of m4ohn in. Nice, clean, easy solution for 4mg/ml. Shake the hell out of it for 30 seconds before use and it's good. No nasty chemicals...I guess the jury is still out on m4ohn, but no industrial solvents at least.


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